Tuesday, August 31

If I had to choose

There are a lot of choices to make, for instance:
I am trying to decide if I want to take a nap, which means not making my bed and getting some rest, OR blog. I chose blog and I am just HOPING I still have time to take a nap. This nap will not be enjoyed because as soon as I get to sleep one of the kids will wake up, probably wet from urine, standing at my head whispering "MAMA, PEE PEE!" But we can always hope!

Next choice, if it was a choice, when to have my baby. TODAY please, or yesterday. Not happening. I am now 18 days from due date and I want baby today. I cant decide if it is because I want to see and hold my baby or if I want this giant watermelon in front of me gone, sleep back, back pain gone, or swelling legs and face gone!

Last night there was a choice, we could either go to a yummy steak house, Papa Bros, for dinner or go to a free baseball game with our friends and kids. We chose the game. You might think this was the wrong choice but it sooo wasn't. It was alot of fun. Natalie got on the jumbotron, and boots caught a baseball. It was awesome!
(Boots insisted Justin take him up to see "Elmo" but then freaked out as soon as he was up close.)
(I am the large one with the growth, almost 38 weeks)

This morning there was another choice, to shower or not to shower. This is tough. I really really want to shower and get ready for the day, but I risk having my children kill each other or destroy the house when I wait to do this when they are already awake. I chose to shower. BONUS - I am clean. As I showered I heard all sorts of bloody shrieking, and my bathroom had a few visits of crying children. As soon as I got out, I discovered they had gotten into my make up and baby dolls had black all over their faces. Stephen also had black all over his face. Clean that up.
not even 2 minutes later Stephen walks into my room without his undies on, trying to put a his legs through a shirt. "Where are your undies boots?" "dirty" was the reply. I followed him out to show me the incident and after finding DRENCHED shorts, he points to the leather couch, which is soaking wet with urine. Nice. I screamed, then I cried. Then I still couldn't decide if I made the right choice to shower. UGH!

Sounds rough, but really he is going really well with potty training, he has very rarely had accidents and he is really picking up on it. Go boots. I dont want to go into more detail right now.

So, Natalie has a hard time with some letters/words sometimes. She cant say "f's" (flower is power, friend is priend, family is pamily) and some words like "ponytails" come out "tititails". "Butterfly" comes out "puttapwy". "again" is "adain" and so on and on and on. so the other day she was making a wish on a star, obviously. She wished for a "unicorn" which in the world of Natalie comes out "cudicorn". When we try to get her to say things the right way this is how it goes...
"natalie, say ffffffff-lower"
So this particular time I said
"Natalie, say UNI-corn"

USELESS. She'll get it one day!

And as for me, Yes I know I am huge. but besides that, I just need a pedicure and a night out away from everything. Is that too much to ask? I guess so.


Chris, Sarah, Madi, and Jax said...

You're almost there.... those last days are the WORST!!! good luck

Cichy's said...

Oh my goodness, I think you look GREAT! Good to hear the kiddos are keeping you busy! haha Hopefully this baby comes soon and that you can get a pedi before...so NICE!

abby and paxton said...

is it me, or does pregnancy make you more impatient and your angry moments worse? i have gotten so frustrated with ty at things where i scream, and then cry. and then i think back on it, and it really wasn't THAT big of a deal. whatever- i'm using that excuse anyway.
i'm ready for a pedi too. and i can offer a day out- but not away from everything. we need to go to the pool again soon! maybe next week?

Becca said...

just a few more days! i wish you lived closer I would totally take you out, or just take your kids so you can sleep!