Tuesday, August 10

Hugey Gardens

At the end of our sailing journey we stopped and got to walk through the Butchart Gardens. For those who have no idea what or where this is, IT IS BREATHTAKING! We didn't have much time there but it was so gorgeous what we did see. little miss POSER wanted all these pictures taken of her in front of all the different flowers.

And yes, I am very very much aware of how large and hugey i am looking. If I say hugey rather than huge, it makes me feel smaller! haha

So now almost 35 weeks along and we are traveling home tomorrow back to the HEAT of Texas. I love Canada and will miss it like crazy till we meet again, who knows when that will be. So long Beautiful Canada!


aidanjordan said...

Have a safe trip home!

Proud Momma said...

You look cutsie! Miss you

abby and paxton said...

those gardens are so beautiful! I'd love to be there all day and just read and relax. Too bad it's in a different country. :)
Your hair is getting SO LONG! Looks great! We DO need to get together. Pax & I were talking about having you guys over to our pool one night and playing! Sound fun?

The Hartle's said...

You look great by the way! I cant believe you will have three little cuties!