Thursday, September 2

What does this mean?!

So for those of you out of the double rainbow loop, you tube it.
BUT, yesterday I saw a double rainbow outside and it was sooo beautiful. I kinda can understand where that guy was coming from. It WAS so vivid! Isn't nature amazing?
My other double rainbow. This one is starting to look like a triple rainbow! I wish.
We love playing in the backyard BUT... It is so ghetto right now. dirty kiddie pool flipped upside down and filled with bugs, dirt and rainwater. Doesn't stop this kid!
Hello monkey alert. Seriously, he gives me a heart attack daily. I have learned to let a lot of things go and just let them happen. When a bone breaks or blood comes along, I will deal with it then. There is no sense in trying to stop it.
We have been keeping their blankets at the top of their closet. We were looking all over for boots, and we found him up in the top of his closet searching for his blanket. This kid is crazy. I had a dream he fell off the top of the bunk bed last night, I totally woke up crying.
Then outside, we dont have monkey bars, but why not make your own? This was all him and Natalie thought it was awesome!

DAD PLEASE MOW THE LAWN!! Im not kidding, 6 weeks of growth in the backyard... CUT ME!
So yesterday we finally got to it all, the backyard is cleaned up, and the grass is mowed. It is ready for a bbq or a party or something!
Then the garage got cleaned out, new passport pictures taken, Natalie and boots' final wall in their room got painted, laundry got cleaned and dried( not so much folded yet!), but it was a super productive day! Natalie was out with Grandma on a girls day all day so that helped me a ton! Thanks Tori, she sure had fun shopping, going to the movies, and playing with you!


Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

Sounds like everything is ready for the baby to come!!!

I can't wait to see pics of the babe! See, I'm afraid to have boys after reading your adventures (and disaster) with cutie pie Boots. Is it only with boys? or are some girls that adventurous too??

Meagan M said... I was totally out of the loop until now! WOW! Double Rainbow!! Hilarious! I'm embarassed now because I just posted a pic of a double rainbown on my blog and I had no idea.

Anyway..sounds like things are coming together for the baby! I love your belly shot with the kids on either side. So cute!

Proud Momma said...

Your belly is HUGE woman! That grass is way longer than mine, you win! Boots has a little bit of Brayden in him...was he nakes while climbing?

Alysha said...

that's some serious grass hahahah. I can't get over how much Boots and Will are alike. Those 2 would be in SOOOO much trouble if they ever got together hahhaha
and I LOVE your belly! Wish I could do prego pics ;)