Tuesday, February 10

Beutiful Girls

This last weekend was a wonderful weekend. A few months ago we were able to have Natalie's baptism and Summers baby blessing... this weekend it was Taylors baptism and Poppy's baby blessing. Both were beautiful events and both girls looks gorgeous.

 Mom and Dad came into town, and although Dad was only here for less than 24 hours it was still wonderful to have him here to be with us on a special weekend. In addition, Drew received the priesthood as well. Anyway, Brian gave the most beautiful blessing to our sweet Poppy Anne. Afterwards, he said that she spat out her soother and stared and smiled at Brian the whole time. She was very sweet, just as she is all of the time. We were able to have 4 full rows and 3 side rows taken up with so much family and so many friends that were there to love and support. She wore the same beautiful dress that Natalie and Courtney wore on their blessing day as well. Heather gave me one of her special true birds headbands and it was perfect for her sweet head.

I feel very blessed. I have 4 healthy happy children. Well they are mostly happy! They give me a run for my money but they are mine and I love them no matter what they say or do to me! Life is hard and it is emotional and there are so many ups and downs. It is so important for us to rely on the power of Prayer, Faith and the atonement to help us through this life. I don't know how else we would make it. I am blessed to have my mother on this earth still, as I just cant even imagine living life without her. I cant imagine having this sweet baby not know her Nana. I am everyday grateful that The Lord allowed her to continue on this earth. I am grateful for a husband who loves us and loves the gospel with all of his heart. He is strong and humble, he is tender and kind, he is loving and has such a strong testimony of our Lord and Savior. I am grateful for my testimony and my knowledge of the truthfulness of this gospel. I see what it does in my life, in my kids and family, and I see it in the youth of the church. Having a calling in the Stake Young Womens has helped me to have a love for them and a deeper understanding of the saviors love for all. Each Young women is so unique and has her own trials as well as her own talents. She is individually beautiful and I love to see them as Christ sees them.

 I just feel very overwhelmed and blessed.


Alysha said...

So wonderful!! And I love her dress. Poppy looks like the happiest baby!

Anna@Exasperation said...

I love this. You're amazing, Jen! You are blessed with such a sweet crew. Love those kids, and love you!