Wednesday, February 25

And then there's Courtney

Courtney has been an interesting age. I forget how the kids act when they're at this age.

She is four and is such a handful. She has been crying and whining about almost everything that happens in her life. She has super high highs and super low lows. She still sucks her blanket which is affecting her bite and makes her chin really dry. I don't know how to make her stop sucking on her blanket, it's disgusting and stinky. She has taken up a new hobby of coloring on anything that she can find. Anytime she finds a pen or a pencil upstairs she has decided that she should color on something. She has no colored on our front closet door, and wall, Brian's computer screen, friends piano book, toilet seat, Natalie's American girl doll bed, and their bunk bed. It's super frustrating and I don't know how many more times I have to tell her that she is not allowed to color – ever! 

She has been loving imaginary play time, which is great. One of her favorite things to do is go in my bathroom and get out all of my lotions and hair spray bottles and lined them up on the counter and pretend they are a family. She gives them all names and plays "house". Yesterday I put her in the bathtub and got her all clean, I left the room to let her play for a few minutes. When I went back into get her out of the tub, she had emptied out an entire container of my bio silk. This is a hair product I put in my hair to make it shiny and smooth. It is basically like a castor oil consistency. She had emptied the entire bottle into the bathtub with her. The sides of the bathtub were completely coated in a greasy almost Crisco type consistency. Her body was also coated in this greasy substance and looks like water coming off of the docs back. It was totally disgusting.I tried to get her clean and it took me a long time with a lot of bleach and soap to get the bathtub clean.  

On a brighter note, This girl is constantly singing. She also loves her preschool. I love having her at the school she's not learning about God and Jesus. Today she told me about a few and Jesus' many miracles. It is so nice to hear her talking about stories from the Bible. The sad thing is we have already taught her a bunch of the stuff at home, but for some reason she only retains it when her school teaches her! 

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