Tuesday, February 10

BCF - Best Cousins Forever

Natalie and Taylor had their 2nd grade performance of "Suessical" It was adorable. They dressed up as thing 1 and thing 2 and I made their costumes so so easily. It was great. They each had a little part. Tay spoke a line and Natalie ran a  fish across stage. I knew she was nervous from the way she was running but she was so proud of herself for doing it. It was cute and they were cute. Love these two best buds. I hope they stay like this forever. They fight like sisters but they also play and love eachother like best friends. They are total besties. I love that my sister lives to close to me and I can see her all the time and the kids can all be together often. I know Brian's family is close, but it is crazy how even 30 minutes make it much more difficult to see people. Libby literally lives around the corner from me and so the kids walk home together every single day. I love it.
 Poppy is getting all the attention a little gal could ever ask for. I have been saying "get out of her face" and "leave her alone" so much lately, and I think I am going to stop. I don't care if they are in her face, Poppy isn't bothered by it and I don't want it to stop. I hope they always dote on their little sister Poppy, her whole entire life. Boys especially cant come in a room that she is in and not kiss her somewhere. Natalie also wants to hold her all the time and kiss on her all the time. I am glad they are actually good helpers cause they can help to hold, feed, and carry her if I need them.
 That little Poppy is 3 months old in a few days and we were in the Dr today for Courtney and the Doc wanted to weigh her. She weighed in at 10 lb 8 oz which is awesome, slow... but awesome. She is a little petite thing but full of spunk and happiness already. She spits up after every meal and soaks through a burp cloth every time. She smiles all day long and sleeps really well at night. She is even in her own room!!! ahhh!!! I miss her sometimes in our room but I know she is ready and she is doing so good and letting me Sleep! GO POPPY!


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