Wednesday, February 25

That boots

This kid is honestly too fast and too busy to get very many pictures of him. When he is with me he is feeding the baby or holding the baby or kissing the baby. He loves her so much. He is such a light and joy in our home and makes me smile every day. He's a great listener and a great brother. He is always giving and helping. He does have a hard time listening and so I have to tell him things several times. He also still thinks potty talk is hilarious, I think as a boy this may never go away!! 
He is doing awesome at school. His reading is getting so much better and he aces all of his spelling tests. He loves when I packed him a lunch and begs me almost every day to send a lunch with him. I guess I make a pretty mean turkey sandwich! 
Any chance he has to be outside and play he will take. His shoes and pants are always wet or dirty. I need a quick fix on how to dry and clean runners. 
 It is been snowing and icing the last two days and he can't help but be outside playing in the snow digging it up and breaking the ice apart. Today after I pick him up from school he told me that another kid made him jump in a  puddle. I asked him who is in charge of him, somebody else or himself. He started to giggle and finally confessed that he wanted to jump in the puddles himself. Of course his dry shoes got soaking wet.

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