Wednesday, February 25

Poppy update

You don't understand the love of a mother until you become one. The worry that you have for each of your children becomes all-consuming when there something you have to worry about. Usually I try not to think about the future because I know I would make myself sick with worry about what will happen to my children and where they will turn out.  

I have worries for poppy right now. Worries for her health. I know we are very blessed to have 4 healthy children and I am so grateful for that. I feel like recently I have stumbled upon many children who are sick and struggling with things that are very serious even life-threatening. But for me my sweet poppies health is my concern right now. It is what I know. She has had a hard time gaining weight and games very slowly. I took her in about three weeks ago, well I took Courtney and in the doctor with poppy because she looked tiny. She weighed in at 10 lbs. 8 oz., well this week I have noticed that she just seems a little bit small and that her slow weight gain has decreased. I also have been worried about her because she's been really fussy the last days which is very unlike her. As you can tell from all these beautiful pictures that I have posted of poppy she's a very happy sweet baby. 

So finally today I took puppy into see the doctor again. She weighed her and she still weighed 10 lbs. 8 oz. she hasn't grown in three weeks and she went from the 6th percentile to the 3rd percentile. The doctor gave me some medicine for reflux, new formula so that she wouldn't spit up, and juice to help her poop. She has been constipated and she spits up enough to soak through to burp cloths every time she eats. I'm sure she is spitting up at least a quarter of her meal. We are going to see where this goes and if she's better by Friday then great. If she's not better by Friday then we have scheduled a G.I. and bowel test so that we can see if there's any kind of blockage or kink going on inside. I know everything will be fine whatever way it goes, we will just find the treatment that she needs. I just hate to see my little baby sad and in pain.

Other than that she is the happiest sweetest little angel in our home. The kids still love on her like crazy and cannot walk into a room without kissing her and wanting to hold her. She is the first thing they want to see when they wake up and the last thing they want to kiss when they go to bed. She brings her joy and happiness to our home that I never imagined. 

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