Thursday, October 30


Last weekend was our ward trunk or treat. Natalie and Taylor have been so excited to dress up like wicked. Natalie was Alphaba and Taylor was Glinda the good witch. They looked darling. 

Courtney was sooo crazy and went with elsa! She loved it but ripped her dress right up the side. 

Boots was Leonardo the ninja turtle and they all rocked the candy stashes. After returning home and splitting up their candy bags, they organized them and joined all of their candy together to share. They organized it all into little Ziploc baggie's to grab. I love that they are sharing but hate that they are wasting so many of my ziplock bags. Courtney told me to chill as there were so many bags left over. 

We have a picture like this of Natalie and boots when Courtney was in my tummy on the porch swing, we decided to try and reenact it with this baby. It didn't work out is cute!!
Libby and a few of my other friends threw together a baby shower for me and it was also beautiful. Gold and baby pink and I got spoiled with so many gifts from people that I love. They gave me a good head start to having this baby but there's still a lot to do, bye, and prepare for.
Last night and today have been extremely uncomfortable and I feel like this baby could come and should come any day now!!

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Meagan @ Meagan Tells All said...

Cute costumes! I love the wicked costumes! Such a fun idea.

Can't wait to see your new babe!

PS your mom looks amazing! I hope she's feeling well.