Wednesday, October 29

the party girl

I tried to have a really fun low-key party this year for Natalie. Decided to go to a park and rent a bounce house and invite just a few families that Natalie is friends with. The power at the pavilion we went to was not working so the bounce house had to leave, we had to ask some cheerleaders who were out there practice if we could have the tables, and then we had to share the park and pavilion with about five practicing football teams and many families. It was definitely crazy.
Brian brought in a whole bunch of pizzas and we had fruit and cupcakes. Other then the bad things that happened at the party, it was a lot of fun and perfect for a chill eight-year-old's birthday.

I cannot say enough how much I love this beautiful little girl. She has been a joy in her life since the day she entered it. Her and I butt heads a lot and sometimes it's very hard to get along with her, but that doesn't change how much I love her. 

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