Sunday, October 26

Beautiful Girl

My sweet Darling Natalie is such a wonderful spirit in our home and in our family. It feels like just a short time ago that she was born into our family. I still remember very clearly the night she was born and the excitement and fear all rolled into the drive to the hospital that night after my water had broken in the middle of the night. She came into the world pretty much crying... and she has been a little piece of drama ever since then!  She spent the first year of her life crying SO much and seriously has been sooo much to handle ever since. I am nervous for this one to be a teenager!!

But 2 weeks ago she turned 8 and I am so proud of her for her decision she has made to be baptized and become a Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She has grown into a caring beautiful kind sweet and sassy young lady and I just love her sweet spirit so much.

We took an evening to go and take pictures of her for her baptism and I think we made out with some sweet gems!

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Anna@Exasperation said...

Look at the hair on that girl! It's like supermodel hair:) Love her. So excited she's made the decision to be baptized!