Saturday, November 1

THE Party

Brian and I had SO much fun putting together our first annual Adult Halloween party. I started to collect decor early on and We decorated our house for hours and hours with the theme of "Halloween Chic" - That was Brian's term for what kind of party it was! Ha - He thinks he is so clever!
We covered our walls with old yellowed book pages and then old beat up frames and mirrors. I filled jars with mad scientist creepy nasty things and had candelabras and spider webs every where. I spray painted some branches black and perched those around the house and I filled the fireplace with bones and skulls. I had lanterns everywhere and we switched out all of the lighting for mood lighting in black lights, red lights, green lights, and orange lights.  It took us hours and hours but it was so much fun. The atmosphere is what made it so cool!
We then had some corn hole outside, ping pong upstairs with some football playing, and tons of food and a candy bar. The funnest thing I thought, was the photo booth we had set up in the office. We had about 70 people come and MOST of them took a turn in the photobooth... check out these awesome creative costumes people came up with this year!

Next year Brian is already plotting and planning what we will do and how we will decorate the house. It is a GREAT and super fun idea but I have to keep reminding him that it is many many many weeks away, like 52! Come on, I think I have a lot of my plate coming up until then! How about we focus on baby next and not our next years Halloween party!


BrittanyB said...

I love this! So fun you have Lee closer by now!!!

Meagan @ Meagan Tells All said...

Can we come!?????