Friday, October 24


I am not the type of person who likes to offend others, actually  I don't know if anyone LIKES to offend, however I hate offending people and knowing that I have hurt their feelings. I like to keep peace and be as fair and Christ like as possible.
I have been reading a lot of conference talks and finding quotes that keep me positive and make sure that I myself do not take offence. I think it is something that my sweet mother has taught me over the years is to not take offence. I really do not have a hard time moving on and getting over things that happen. I find this to be a blessing in my life as I have been hurt in the past. I have turned to my Father in Heaven for help through prayer to allow me to forgive and move on without holding a grudge and without even feeling offended.
I have spent many nights and days through my life talking with the lord through prayer and talking to my Husband and Mother about ways and helps to get me through the hard times.

So now we come to my most  recent struggle. Like I said at the start, I hate to offend others. There have been some people that have CHOSEN to take offence to something I have done, or they think I have done. I have learned through my own experiences that this truly is a choice that one makes. We can choose to be sad, or happy. We can chose to take offence, or let it roll off your back. I take great care in my life to make sure that people feel included and loved, because I have hated feeling like I am the one who is left out. It is sad to me that people chose to take offence and to find negative things to say and think about me and my family. I am in control of my thoughts and my mind and no one else. The sadness and pain I have the ability to bring on my own life is totally 100% up to me and how I chose to react or even sometimes how I hear things that are said. So much of the offence is from how people chose to hear it and what they chose to act on.

I have learned that we don't know other peoples battles and struggles. We don't know the happenings all the time of others lives or what goes on in their homes, or their minds and we simply can not judge them based on something we know so little about. It is better to go into life and each relationship with faith and happiness and an open mind that everything will work out just as it should, and we can control only the way we chose to react.

recently we have been very busy throwing some fun festivities. We have been busy with just life in general, but also we threw a Halloween Party last weekend that was so much fun. Did I invite everyone I have even met in my life? No. I invited my friends or Brian's friends who we felt we were close enough with or made enough of a connection with in our life that we would invite them to a party at our house. I have recently found that people have chosen to be offended that they were not invited to the party. This is so hard for me to hear because I hate when people are saddened by something I may have done that I didn't even know I was doing. There are only so many people we could invite to our party and I feel bad that feelings were hurt, not bad that I didn't invite more, but sad that they chose to be offended by this.

Tonight we had Natalie's birthday party at a park, very casual, but I was self conscious the whole time about feelings that would be hurt for those that weren't invited. Then next week my friends are throwing me a baby shower and since it is #4 I feel bad even having a shower!!But I know there will be feelings hurt. I just cant let it bother me. I cant care and I have to just let it go! I don't know if some of my sensitivity is from my pregnancy but I am feeling so picked on and hurt from knowing that others think I am hurting them. \

Ohhhh man, Did that even make sense? haha

What it comes down to is don't take offence and don't offend!!


Aidan Jordan said...

You guys are always the first to introduce yourselves to new people, and you are very good friend. One important lesson I learned this year is that some people just enjoy drama. I made a conscious decision to stay away from those people. I'll be polite and say hi if I see them, but I don't have the time or energy to deal with the negativity. Try not to let it bother you!

Anna@Exasperation said...

I agree 1000% with Aidan! Yeesh. It's so hard to feel like you need to make everyone else happy. You don't! Just do your best to love God and love His children. That's it. I don't think inviting everyone you've ever met to your party is required. Sorry your parade got rained on. IT WAS A FABULOUS PARADE!

Wiseguys said...

I totally agree. We make a choice to be offended or not. It's not your responsibility to include everyone because you CAN'T. It's impossible. You are awesome and you a great job reaching out to people and helping people. You deserve to celebrate!