Tuesday, April 1

Favorite things

Lately I've been Lovin on these awesome items in my house... 
Unstopables - pop them in with your laundry and it makes it smell a-maz-ing! Love them, especially cause my laundry doesn't always smell fresh after a wash. 
Ikea has always been one of my favorite store for some good cheap furniture but these chairs are super comfortable too!! They are the new addition to our bedroom and I love them! 
Homemade whole wheat bread has been at the top of my list of yummy food forever... But especially lately I have been loving it! I've got some in the oven right now! Yum! 
My sephora makeup box! I got it for Christmas and I love it! I've always loved makeup but never can decide my favorite colors for that day. This makes it easy to have fun and play around. My girls also love it and are always begging me for makeup. Natalie is like 7 going on 16- that girl is so mature and thinks she can do everything a teenager can. 


aidanjordan said...

We totally have that chair in our bedroom!

BrittanyB said...

send me your bread recipe, will ya?

Jeni said...

What's your email Brit?