Thursday, April 10

Big surprise

Yesterday was a big day. Boots unexpectedly lost his first tooth! In fact he didn't even know it was loose! That's the best! He didn't know if he should cry or be excited so it was a big uncontrollable laugh attack! Cute kid! 
I've been baking. Last week it was the whole wheat bread and this week was white. This is also an unexpected surprise even to me cause I kind of suck at making the time to bake or cook. I haven't cooked dinner in almost 2 weeks so I can't be proud of that, but the fact that I made fresh bread I can!! 
I took a trip to the nursery last night to find done new flowers and shrubs for my garden. It is expensive to plant a garden!! I spent too much And have to go back today cause I didn't get enough! The worst part is my black thumb. I am sure I will kill everything in my garden very shortly. I am gonna have to work hard at keeping it alive... Water water water through this Texas dry heat! 


Alysha said...

hooray for boots! he looks so cute!!

Meagan @ Meagan Tells All said...

That bread looks legit!!!!!!!