Sunday, March 30

Ending game

March is coming to an end tomorrow, and what a busy month we have had! 
After track and having visitors, we also were able to go to a stars game, parks galore, hiking and biking and out to dinner a lot as I have felt too busy to even cook ever. Whoops. Mom of the year goes to me. 

Brian and his newest employee/partner... They are so awesome they even matched outfits when meeting up to exchange something Mid Saturday. Haha what are the chances. I thought it was cute. 

I think I'm lame for not taking many pictures this month, I'm gonna try and be better, especially with my nice camera that takes such great pictures! 
The general women's broadcast was last night and it was great hearing from our leaders. What's nuts is that next year Natalie will be old enough to come with me! Can't believe that sweet girl will be 8 this year! 
  I can't wait for this weekend coming up to have conference for 2 full days of nourishment! 

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