Thursday, April 17

Texas State Flower

I am not awesome with taking my kids to the bluebonnets every year, but I have done it a few times. Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower and they grow wild here in Texas for a few weeks only and then they are gone until next spring again. You cant wait too long or you miss the all together. This year I took the kids up and Natalie was in full poser mode. Courtney was NOT as compatible and as these pictures show, she was mot interested in posing for me. Brian told e once they are illegal to pick and so my kids are super sticklers about them and they threw a fit today when they saw that one little flower had been picked. Natalie is my nature lover, and anything that comes between what nature should be makes her super upset. 
I love these 3 kids and their sweet faces. They love each other so much and I was happy to watch them play around in the flowers today. I couldn't help but treasure the few moments I wasn't mad at them for not holding still. I have been getting mad a lot the last few... years... and have tried to chill out and tone it down, so today was fun to just let them play and run and be silly little kids.   

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Alysha said...

darling!! One day I'd love to see those flowers in real life.