Monday, April 21

Easter weekend

This weekend out stake hosted the prom, modest or mormon prom. I work with the best presidency and I have just grown to love them all so much. I know that I won't always be with them and I know I won't always have my wonderful calling in the stake young women's presidency, but for now I will love and cherish all of the time and learning experiences I have with those I work with! Prom was amazing and beautiful and everyone did a fantastic job! 
We dyed eggs. I tried this new tie die egg which lesson learned- not to do it again as it stains fingers bad!! But the kids always have fun with that, even though I don't and I'm kind if OCD with he mess it creates! 
Then it was prep time for Easter dinner. I made 2 strawberry pies, funeral potatoes and Brian made his corn casserole... Mmmm!!! 
Saturday, after we recovered from a late night at prom, we went to Rawlins for the annual grandmas Easter egg hunt. It was fabulous and fun! The boys, as in grown men, always make up the funniest games that we love to watch and catch a glimpse into what they were like when they were younger!! This day it was a spin off on baseball, and depending where and what the ball hit determined the points they received. Haha 

Sunday morning the Easter bunny had come and they were so excited for the treats and the eggs that were hidden around the house. We were able to attend our church and a church of our friends. It is always a unique experience to go to church with a live band rocking out! 
It was a beautiful day to remember our savior and the price he paid for our sins. I feel blessed to have the gospel in my life and the knowledge I have and am able to teach my children about the redirects Jesus Christ and that we can live again as well. Happy Easter! 

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