Tuesday, March 4

Feb in march

February is kind of a blur. We did a lot and had a lot of fun, but we also were so busy. Brian and I again just passed in the night I felt like, so we planned lots of date nights to make up for it. Unfortunately my waistline suffered. I have been working so hard to get back to the weight I want to be, and January was great- I was down 4 lbs and on my way... February ruined it! I gained some back. But now it's march and I am back in track again. I hate worrying about weight and food. I love food so much I just wish I could eat all day long and never worry about it! 

Ok onto February.  Date nights at put put, and sprinkles cupcakes who has a cupcake ATM! What?! I know. Right up Beth's alley! We tried out this chocolate place called dude, sweet! It's a sample anything type of truffle and chocolate store. Very interesting but unique and yummy. It was down in the bishops art district which was so fun to go check out. 

I pulled the kids out of school for a day and we went to the perot museum downtown. They had a cool animals inside out exhibit which was awesome to go check out. Over priced but still interesting! After we got there and the fighting and complaining started was about the time I wondered why I took the kids out of school for this!! 

Sweet stephen had his 100th day of school and he was the cutest 100 year old man ever! He had a cane and grey hair and everything. He loved it. Good thing the suspenders are multiuse for trek coming up for Brian! 
Shopping, after school treats, and date nights with daddy. Mooma came into town for valentines day and it was so fun to have her visit! I "hired" out help with valentines day... My friend made my kids valentines I just gave her the stuff, she made them! Best idea ever!! They were darlin valentines! 

Next up.... The other half if February!! 

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