Tuesday, March 4

Spaghetti nights

The rest of feb in another nutshell... 

New restaurant we discovered : Lekka. Delish South African with very cool decor. 

Elder christopherson came to out ward in Sunday for a baby blessing and I told him how we were related to his niece and nephew... He then requested a picture since we are basically family! I felt silly but was excited for the kids! They all got to shake his hand and say hello. Boots was ecstatic about meeting a general authority! The rest if the day was restful as we all got naps, then our ward split that night... That's not the only thing that split that night!! Brian had the kids in the bathtub late around 9 PM, and Courtney slipped and split her chin open. Lucky for us we have a great dr uncle who helped us out and stitched her up! 3 stitches later and lots of blood and tears and she was good To go! 

Courtney also discovered how fun it is so color on walls and floors....
Lastly, we had family movie night and did lady and the tramp theme. Eric Kathleen and their girls and Garrett and Natalie all came over to enjoy the evening with us. We made spaghetti for dinner and I made these cute cupcakes for the desert to look like spaghetti and meatballs. I was so proud at the cute layout and eating by candlelight. I forgot to check if we had lady and the tramp. When I went to put on the movie, I could not find it so we have to watch something else. Winner mom!! But seriously these cupcakes were adorbs. 

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