Monday, March 17

Faith is like a little seed

Tonight for family home evening, we learned about faith. The kids had a hard time explaining what faith was. So after we explained it to them we decided to go and plant our own seeds and watch them grow just like our faith can grow. We went up to Lowes and the kids each chose their own seeds. Boots chose carrots, Courtney chose some purple flowers, and Natalie took 10 minutes to decide on hers. She is the most indecisive girl I know, she does not want to make the wrong choice. If she is picking a candy or a gift or even seeds she will take forever to pick just the right one. She ended up choosing a kind of flower. 
We went home and planted the flowers and vegetables in little Potts, covered them with soil, and watered them. Now we will watch them grow. I am not so sure that it will work because I know they will temper with them in the day! But I warned them that they cannot touch them and they need to leave them to grow on their own. So we shall see!!

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Alysha said...

what a fun FHE! I might have to do that one too. Thanks for the idea :)