Tuesday, March 4

H Town

For valentine weekend we loaded up the van and headed in our first road trip in the new van to Houston. John and Emma just moved there and we had to see their new sweet baby. We also stopped to see jake and Kelly and I even worked! It was a productive fast trip! 
Can I just start by saying how much I love Texas! It is such an awesome state. The views, the cities and towns, the people, the weather. I love it!! 
We had to hit up "the chocolate bar" which has become my favorite dessert place ever. Why they don't have them everywhere baffles me!! But we all indulged in way too much dessert!! 

And yes, the weather was pretty enough to be able to pool and lay out for a few hours! It was dreamy! It made me so excited for summer to hurry up an come! 

With the new baby around down there, Courtney quickly learned how babies eat. I am not one to sheild my kids from that, nor does it embarrass me. Soo Courtney came home after watching Emma nurse, very into nursing her babies. Some might think that is strange, I actually think it is really cute. Haha the best is that she says her babies are eating from her ankles... Ha!

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