Friday, January 31

Run run run and don't stop

Sometimes Life feels like it will not slow down. I have recently started working as a real estate agent. I thought that it would start up slow and I could work part time. Turns out I have better people that I am associated with then I thought, and I have been given many referrals and people coming to me for help. In turn, I have been extremely busy for the last two weeks. 
I have so much respect for the mothers of the world who work full-time and mother full-time. I have had such a hard time doing it and I am extremely tired. Up in the morning and don't stop until after my bedtime. I have been ignoring my kids and taking them to the office with me. I have even been dreaming about work and waking up in the middle of the night convinced that I have an offer or that I need to check my email. I am really enjoying it and having fun, however it is very hard work to keep organized with such a busy life. I know it will not always be this busy so I just have to take it hour by hour and day by day. 
Brian and I have tried to make special moments when we can. We have been going rock climbing and go karting and to movies. We haven't had much time to spend together in the last few weeks so we are trying to make up for it anytime we get. He started a new job back in September and since then our time together has gone down tremendously as well. 
This is one of many drawings that the kids come up with at church. We have decided that while we are at church the kids are only allowed to drop pictures with paper and pen no other things are allowed to be brought to church. So they have fun and have gotten very creative. This is one masterpiece by boots of Nana Grandad and Sasha.
Brian recently got some glasses and I think he is so cute, I think he thinks that he looks smarter them too. Haha 
He had really stepped up as a full time dad and working husband as well with te business we have led. We honestly pass by in the driveway and tell through the rolled down windows "hi! Bye!" 
But of course altogether life is fabulous and we are very blessed. There are hard times and these are hard but they are doable. We are working together as a family and learning how to get over certain hurdles that we are being faced with. The kids are all struggling with the change in the adjustment of not having mom at their Beckins call. But I love them so much and I'm so proud of all of their accomplishments and how sweet their personalities are.
Here's to working hard and playing hard!!


Meagan @ Meagan Tells All said...

So excited for this new adventure for you! Life is always going to be busy, and I'm proud of you for jumping and and just going for it with the real estate thing. Your personality is perfect for it!!

We have decided no ipad during church and just coloring and drawing. My church bag felt so HUGE of crap and now I am happy to just have a rule!

aidanjordan said...

I feel ya. It's rough and you just make it work. Let me know if you need anything!