Tuesday, September 11

T ball master

You gotta love walking into your car in the morning and finding dangling wires from where your DVD player was hanging the night before. The Violation that you feel. It is just sickening. Then to look over and try to find the big case of water that you just bought and find that they have taken that as well! They must have been thirsty!! What are people thinking though? That DVD player was not only 10 years old, but it only sometimes works, AND it isn't the kind that you put the DVD right into. They would have been better off taking a carseat!  
This last weekend we went to a little marching band concert that ourfreshman Cousin was in. Sat morning they marched through a nearby neighborhood at 830am and then played a little concert in the park. The kids all got together and loved it!!  I will tell ya, if I was in my house in that community and heard that, I would have been ticked that it was going on at that time in the morning. Luckily, we love Brandon and we dont live there!! 
Later on that day we headed to Boots' first T-ball game of the season. Man, these little 4 year olds playing baseball is so cute. Cuter than soccer for sure! They would be at bat and after hitting the ball, they would run to catch their own ball instead of run to first, or else they would catch it and tag their same teammate also running for the ball (Boots accomplished this one!). Tripping over each other and just being little made it all so cute! Boots had his big league chew and Natalie had some seeds to munch on and we were all set to play ball! Boots was awesome and got 2 outs (both tagged), caught and threw the ball a bunch and was full of hustle. He didn't hit the ball when he was at bat but that is ok! He WON the game ball for being such a great hustler! Way to go Booters! We sure love you bud!!

Today in the car we were driving along and out of the blue this was the conversation we had:

Boots: Mom, do you remember that lady that jumped out of the helicopter?
Me: You mean the Queen at the opening ceremonies?
Boots: Ya, do you remember that? 
Me: Yes I do! 
Boots: Well when she jumped out of the helicopter, I was NOT expecting that! 

I love the way his mind thinks of things and so random ALL the time. Little minds have to remind me how smart they are and the things that they remember. It makes me sad for all of the parents who allow their children to watch filth thinking that it wont make an impression on them and that they will forget. Those sweet innocent minds are always watching aren't they?! 

Today marks the first of many days in Jeni's birthday week. That's me. I love my birthday and I will celebrate all week long, 2 if I have to. When I was pregnant with Courtney, I was so scared that I was going to have to share my birthday with her. I know this sounds selfish and many of you would love to have your kids share that day with you, well guess what? I like my own day, thank you very much!  I am fine to share the week with her, especially because we have so many family birthdays this week! So, I guess this also marks the beginning of Courtney's birthday week as well! My little tiny sweet innocent baby is turning 2 and I cant handle that she is growing up. (I too am growing up way too fast... next year will be my golden year so I will make this last year in my 20's great!!)

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Alysha said...

happy birthday week!! i'm with you - i'd prefer my own day too. sorry about your van! oh and t-ball at that age is hilarious!