Friday, September 21

pre-weekend update

Boots is a very funny kid. He is always keeping us on our toes with the things he says.
Yesterday I told the kids that Uncle Gar would be babysitting while mom and dad have meetings. They asked "why does he ALWAYS babysit for us?!" I answered "because he is the best uncle ever!"
Boots quickly said "NO, Uncle Eric is the best Uncle ever! Garrett is just the man of the house!" hahaha Natalie then chirped in with "No Boots, Papa is the man of the house." which led to an argument. But I was dying in the front!

These early mornings are killing me, and my kids. They usually sleep till 8, SOMETIMES 730. But with Natalie waking up at 640 every morning, with me, she has been the biggest grump ever. She pouts through getting dressed, going to the bathroom, especially getting hair done, then shoes, and lunch, and breakfast, then walking, then breathing. EVERYTHING is a sass with her and I am so over it! Well at the beginning of the week I noticed that Boots was waking up to us as well, so we moved Natalie into our room on the floor until we move, in hopes that of course noise level would go down. When I woke up this morning at 640 to wake up Natalie, his light was on, he was dressed, and the bed was full of babies(stuffed animals) and toys. I have NO idea when that kid woke up this morning. Nor do I want to know. UG! This better not be a habit!

So mix the early morning with our late nights of not getting to be before midnight, and my studying(getting real estate licenced), and trying to get to the gym daily, and my calling at church? Oh and driving and extra 30 min to drop off Nat, and another to pick her up daily. I AM EXHASUTED! So Wah Wah Wah I only have 3 kids, but people it is tough for this momma and I am having a hard time making life happen!

I understand that this next section is very boring to everyone who is NOT me. It is a house update with some very TEASING photos to remind me of the progress...

Things around here are going. Just for a quick update, Our house should be done mid October. I am not getting my hopes up for anything though! They did just put in the bathroom tile, the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen counter tops, and the bathroom cupboards this week. Today they put in the sprinkler system and landscaping. I forgot to check if they had done the fence yet or not. So they are coming along. There are a lot of changes that will have to be made and touching up a lot, but I am going to be so picky and not leave anything undone or say "I can live with it, it isn't that bad!" NO I am not doing that. They will fix it all till it is perfect. I have waited this long!! I am getting so anxious though. I am excited to decorate an all new house. It has been fun to get an idea of what I want to accomplish in this house and go and find the pieces to make it happen. Now the task if finding the inexpensive version of all that I want! The rug was the first shocker to me. We looked into getting one custom made for our family room... Ya that wont be happening at 4500$. I am just not there yet! With 3 little kids running around? That thing is sure to get ruined. Lucky for me, I looked and looked and looked and came up with nothing. UNTIL we went to Canton, tx (giant awesome flea market in east Texas) and found ALMOST the same rug, obviously not as lush, for 120$. SOLD. I can deal for 120 bucks. So little things like that. We have our couch picked out, and bought our bed frame, just no mattress yet! We have a list of MUST buys but really feel like we need to wait until the house is done and we are in to get a feel for what it will all be like. It is killing me to not go buy everything though! The list of "to buy" is endless, and it is sad that we cant buy it all right when we move in. This house will be a work in progress getting just what we want and where we want it. I do think it will be beautiful though! 


Rydog said...
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Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Kids waking up early is so annoying! We have to take Ryan to work/school sometimes (only one car) and we have to leave just after 7am so now, no matter if we need to take Ryan or not, especially on the weekends, I hear "MAMA! MAMA!!!!" at 6:45am. ahhhh I just pray for her to sleep in until 7:30am sometimes because I just want that extra 30 minutes to snooze.

Excited for your house to be done! I totally get ya about wanting to completely furnish your house at one time. When we are done apartment living, I swear I want to donate ALL our furniture and start brand new. I am sick and tired of our crappy mismatchy furniture and couch.

emblair said...

I wish I could tell you the sass would go away when you get your new house. But I get the exact same thing every morning, and that's with miss Molly sleeping soundly in her own room!

Cichy's said...

That waking up early would kill me too! Hopefully you can get them back n schedule! Can't wait to see your new place all done and see what you do with it! You must be so excited!,