Monday, September 17

I am younger than 30

This week is always a big one in the Rawlins' homes. We have 4 birthdays in a few days of each other. Cam and Court share, then Garrett... then a few days later is me. For gar, Boots make this lovely sign to leave out side of his door for when he woke up. He obviously loved it!! 
My sweet mother was able to be here for just 3 days so we went out to her fav place, Christina's and enjoyed some more Nana time and of course to celebrate my birthday week. What some may or may not know about me...I LOVE my birthday. I dont care about the presents or anything, I just love to have a little extra love from a few people in my life and a reason to celebrate!! Well this year I turned 29, which is reason to celebrate!!  I am actually very much looking forward to next year turning 30! Although I will feel old, so I will enjoy and live up my last year in my 20's.
My actual birthday, Brian was gone on a scout camp out, so I woke up with the kids and the weather has been so beautiful here so we decided to go out on a morning walk. We got back around 9:30am and what more could I ask for than a giant sugar cookie and a route 44 Diet coke for breakfast? My in laws are the best and know what this momma needs!! I headed out to Boot's tball game (where he got two hits and 1 run) yeahh!! 
I had been wanting to get together with some of my girlfriends for my birthday, so I asked Kathleen to organize it for me. I am lame, I totally organized it, I just asked her to email everyone so I didn't seem so desperate to plan my own party! haha So me and 8 and of wonderful friends went out for an awesome lunch at Breadwinners. YUM! It was so good and the company was awesome! I am seriously so blessed with these wonderful ladies around me. I have friends from different paths in my life and different times, but I bring them all together because I love them all so much! This was especially fun since I had 2 new comers... Libby of course was awesome to have and then STACEY! The friend I have known the longest, since we were 3 years old! She has just recently moved about an hour away and it was so much fun to have her there! Who would have thought that 2 girls born and raised in Alberta would be celebrating a 29th birthday both living in Texas! ha
Libby got these adorable shoe cookies as a favor for me to hand out. They not only were cute, but tasty too! Oh, If you didn't know calories don't count on birthday week.
I am just so happy in my life to have wonderful family all around me and great friends that surround me and build me up. I always have someone I can call and talk to, or just give me a hug. I am so in love with the man of my dreams, have 3 beautiful children, and couldn't ask for anything else in this great year I turn 29!! Happy Birthday to me! 


jayme said...

Happy birthday!

Cichy's said...

So fun, happy birthday Jeni!!

emblair said...

You're only 29?! You're practially a teenager. ;) You certainly look like one!

Happy Birthday, pretty lady!