Saturday, September 15


HOW is it possible that my baby girl has turned 2? She is no longer a baby is she? I will have a hard time swallowing that and realizing that she isn't anymore.  The 2 weeks before her birthday, the other kids were so excited for the big day and were counting down till her big day. All day the girl had a huge smile on her face whenever we would talk about her birthday. 
On her big day, my mom just happened to fly in early that morning on her way home from another trip for a quick 2 day hello. So we headed out to lunch at cheesecake factory for the celebration!! She always sits in a high chair but thought this time we would try the bench for once. She is soo not ready to be released yet!! I tried to put her back about 20 minutes in, that just wasn't happening. It was a disaster! She got happy afterwards with her ice cream sundae though! 
After lunch we took a spin on the carousel and a little shopping. 
After picking all the kids up from school we had a little family party so that my mom could be at a party!! We just had some pizza's and fruit and LOTS of playing. Courtney LOVES to have the attention and loved being sung happy birthday! Of course she got spoiled, and she hasn't even opened all of her gifts yet! We have another family, from the other side of the family, celebration tomorrow! 

You may call this a poor attempt at a family photo... I call it REAL LIFE family picture. To make it more true, it should have had one of my kids crying, one of them pouting, and me getting mad at them or something. haha
Her favorite gift was the vacuum cleaner. It turns on and really picks stuff up. The girl will follow me around every time I get the vacuum out and she will try to shove her little toes underneath. She likes the way it feels, or sounds or something. The girl is obsessed with vacuuming! So now, happy vacuuming to her all of the time!
Courtney has recently hit all new levels of personality. Just in the 2 weeks before she actually turned 2, she has started getting into her terrible 2's. She has been pouting, whining, screaming, kicking, hitting, saying an abundance of NO's, and any other naughty behavior she see's the other kids doing...she will do. She is crazy if she doesn't get her way, and is very particular with the way things are done. She is obsessed with making sure you hear her and will repeat everything she says until you reply. TRUST ME. Everything is repeated! She loves babies, of all ages, and baby dolls. She has been hating nap and bed time and will thrown a fit every time it is that time of day. I dont know how to handle it! 
We took her into the Dr for her checkup, and all looks good for her! She is in the 96% for weight and the 99.87% for height. She's so big! She is darling and will make us laugh all day long!! I cant believe she is 2 and cant wait for more birthday's to come, as long as she always stays my baby! Love you Baby cakes!

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