Sunday, May 27

And it begins again

In and out, and in and out, and in and out... that's how I feel our life has been. So I will not share the details of the house but it is for sale again. (big sad face, long story) So we are back to keeping the house spotless, which is impossible, and leaving the house for hours a day.
So for all of you who are about to sell your house and you need tips on how to deal with your are my house for sale tips:

1. dont have 3 kids.
2. get rid of all of your toys so there is nothing they can make a mess with(all of ours fit in a few decorative baskets, the kids are so bored.)
3. dont cook ever. the house cant smell bad, so its a lot of sandwhiches.
4. keep antibacterial wipes and windex wipes everywhere.
5. dont shower and do your hair ever, cause you will get water marks everywhere and hair all over the bathroom.
6. basically stop living your life and cross your fingers that you will hurry up and find a buyer!

I have to say that I can not believe how fast time is going. Courtney is going to be 2 in a few months and she is so grown up. She talks up a storm and say every and anything. She plays and fights and colors and laughs and does everything with the older kids. Maybe it is because she is the 3rd child, but she just fits in perfectly as the peacemaker. She is the common ground. Everyone loves her, nobody hates her and she just brings the smiles and laughs and peace. She was the missing puzzle piece. Love that girl with all my heart. What a doll. She cracks me up. 
We have been pooling a lot and the kids are becoming more comfortable and remembering their skills. Natalie is swimming by herself under the water again and is able to dive for rings and wear her goggles to play underwater. Boots is a little timid about not having his water wings or any type of floatie on, he completely forgot that last year he was swimming on his own. I hope it comes back fast. Courtney LOVES the water and insists on wearing her water wings the entire time we are at the pool. We can be eating, or laying out, things that have nothing to do with water, but she always wants them on. This is a good thing I am learning though since she gives us no notice before she jumps in the water to float. And she will float and kick all around the pool just loving it. I think if I tried I could have her swimming this summer. But I doubt I will try...

And my last plug is for good friends. We have the greatest friends. Brian grew up with a great group of guys. They all married or are dating awesome girls who I love! Then there are the friends we have  made along the way over the last 7 years and mission companions and so on... BUT we feel so lucky that they all get a long, all of them. And we love them all like they are our brothers and sisters. We went to a wedding reception last night of a younger brother of one of the friends, and so many of Brian's friends came. We went out after for a bit and it was just the best. I feel so blessed to have so many good people around me, making me a better person and making Brian and I stronger as a couple. Bad side, it sure makes me miss MY friends and wish I could have these relationships with them and their spouses, sad that none of them really know me and Brian together. I wish I could share those wonderful relationships with Brian too. But really we are just blessed with an abundance of good people in our lives. 


Kelly said...

super good to see ya'll! love having you as a friend!

josh and jacqs said...

I can't believe she is 2. That is crazy! I really hope you sell your house, that sounds awful!

Alysha said...

bummer about the house. fingers crossed it sells fast! i feel for ya! good luck!
i can't believe courtney's almost 2. where does the time go??

Cichy's said...

Someday we will hang out! haha