Tuesday, May 22

its heating up.

With the kids soccer coming to an end, they had a big fun fest with bounce houses, food, and trophies. Boots waited in line for about 20 minutes for this one and he was so tiny in there! He and his little soccer buddy Brayden went up against eachother and it went on until they had to stop them. Neither won, they are just so little! haha it was cute to see him trying so hard! 
Later that day we went to something we have gone to for the last several years. Taste of Addison. The City of Addison have about 50 restaurants come and set up booths with sample sizes of some of their menu items. You come and can obviously, TASTE all of them! There is face painting, carnival rides, and of course food. We invited Uncle Matt and sweet Cade with us and we had a blast. Boots and Cade are just little buddies when they get together. 
By the end of the HOT day this is how Boots' face paint ended up! All over the place. 
That night Brian and I went back and enjoyed more food and the VIP tent with the free concert to Matt Kearney. It was so fun! Addison is one of the funnest coolest cities around, love going out there!! 

So Brian and I also woke up that morning feeling like we really needed to buckle down, yet again, on eating better and working out. I have slowly started to loose my metabolism that I once had. Ug. I am trying to catch it before it gets away from me. So we knew Saturday would be filled with naughtiness, so Sunday was the real day we started. It is so hard to try and withstand all late night snacking, which is my weakness. So here is the end of day 3, well kind of, we actually already had plans to go out with our friends last night and we had to get the pulled pork nachos. They were just so stinkin good!

 Sweet Natalie has been really sing song-y lately. We went over to another friends tonight for dinner and they have twin 22 month girls. Natalie was in heaven! While the adults were all eating we heard her singing back in the babies room, so we peaked around the corner to find both twins, and the baby dolls, all in the rocking chair with blankets over the top of their laps and she was loudly and beautifully to the babies. It was so sweet until she got caught and got mad we were spying on her. That girl has got some talent though, she can really sing!

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