Friday, May 18

snakes, Snails and puppy dog tails

We have lived in our house for 6 years and we have acquired the best neighbors. They both just happen to have boys boots age. These 3 are trouble. We had them over for dinner the other night as a good bye we love you dinner. The house was crazy loud, the wrestling, yelling, jumping, and laughing that was going on between them was insane. We will miss Dorian and Xavier. (and of course their parents!)
So it is Friday and I am still recovering from our Wednesday trip to Oklahoma City. We drove the 3 hours up with Justin and Andrea for the Thunder vs Lakers game. It was game 2 of their series and it was insanely crazy, loud and fun! We ate at Mickey Mantles and got full on fabulous Steaks. After the game we were waiting in the valet line for our car and the whole team with the cheerleaders, and their families, girlfriends whoever... all turn up to eat at Mickey Mantles. I think we picked the right place to eat dinner! 

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Lynne said...

You guys are always doing fun things!! Cute pictures!