Thursday, May 10

blue and red lights

I am innocent, I have no record, I have nothing to hide, BUT with that being said I hate police lights. I got pulled over tonight and although I know I wasn't speeding and I had nothing wrong, I was still a mess. I was so panicked. Why?! I hate that.  By the way, it was just a tail light out...and no tickets.

Although it feels impossible to get a picture of all of the 3 of the hoodlums together smiling in the same place, I think I came out OK with this. Ill take it. I think they are just so stinkin cute all the time. 
 Our kids might seem little, but I feel it is important to teach them about saving money and spending, and of course tithing. So a while back, they saw some kites at Costco that they wanted so bad. They were 13 dollars each. I told them they could save up for them if they wanted to buy them. They immediately started to save every penny for the kites. I, of course, bought them, and stowed them away for when they had it saved. Well in counting up their money this weekend, We discovered that they did have enough for their kites, and they cashed in. We took them out for a spin.
LESSONS learned:
1. These kites are really cool, and really pretty when they are flying.
2. Don't buy your kids kites. They wont hold them, you will end up flying them.
3. Don't buy your kids kites who have a short temper and get frustrated when you try to teach.

 We have still been battling with Natalie and her temper tantrums. She has been taking some time in the corner or in a bedroom to take a break. She also has been so exhausted that she has been falling asleep in random places. Like this. The blanket was the line of which she had to stay for a small "timeout". When I looked over 5 minutes later, she was passed out. How can you stay mad at a kid who falls asleep and is so peaceful? You cant.
So I am trying hard to overcome these battles. Today it was battles over new running shoes, and church shoes. We dont agree on anything, nothing fits, blah blah blah. Then it was back to the helmets for a new bike helmet for Boots. When he happened upon one with a bell, Natalie was instantly furious that hers was just normal. "Its just so normal"! She did not approve. Ug, I felt like most of the day was spent in tears over this or that. I can deal with one, but when 2 of them are crying and whining and then the 3rd pipes in screaming (just out of attention) that is when it really gets to me.
BREATHE JENI, JUST BREATHE.  They are sleeping now and I have a new day tomorrow. I have to tell myself that every day!


jayme said...

Thanks for the heads up. We will not be buying kites. You need to talk to John about getting pulled over. He has a very different reaction! Cute pictures

Meagan M said...

Ugh...I just got a speeding ticket. It's the worst feeling!!

I totally love getting the kids to save up for stuff. I'm going to give it a shot.

Oh, I have an emotional tantruming girl too!! It's rough!! You're not alone though.

Audrey said...

I know exactly how you feel, Jeni. I've even been finding myself lately just praying to Heavenly Father for help to just feel more love for Margaret. It's so hard to feel that love sometimes (when they're awake.) I don't know if you ever feel that way too (maybe it's just me) but I've been crying myself to sleep alot lately that I'm ruining my daughter and I don't know how to fix it. Raising a "tantrum" girl is hard work!