Monday, May 7

Everything Bacon

We had such a fun date night this weekend. Our friends Aidan and Jeremy babysat for us while we went to the parenting conference a few weeks ago, so we wanted to go out and double for payback. We headed out and the boys decided to go out to Denton. I dont like Denton, I feel like it is gross. SAYING THAT, I will say that it was so fun to go there and I will go there a lot more now. I think I just have driven the main strip of college town area and that is yucky. But we went out to Dinner at this fabulous place called Roosters. Holy Smokes. It was so good. It was BBQ-ish, and we only ordered 4 different appetizers, but it was delish. 
Then we headed to the Local Candy store. It was the coolest candy store with all you could think of, bulk stuff, old fashioned stuff, Canadian stuff, special drinks... which we all shared a BACON soda. Barf. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever had. Like liquid bacon bits in a jar. ewwww. 
Then we headed to the Ice cream shop right there called Beth Marie's. The best part about this to me was that my nickname is Beth. Those of you who know why I am nicknamed that, will think that the ice cream shop named after me is hilarious. 
So we were gonna get the big thing they have there called the KW special. 16 scoops of ice cream, 2 cookies, 8 toppings, 2 brownies, and a banana. We were all in, but Brian flaked out. Lame. But my 2 scoops I did get were awesome. After ice cream, we headed to an old school music store and hung around there till we were kind of hungry again, and we headed to Fuzzies for some to die for Queso. Man, a food fest night. It was my ideal night and so good! 
so peeps in my area, go to Denton, and go to Roosters, Beth Maries, and Fuzzies.
That was Friday, so then Saturday the kids both played their last soccer games of the season, and who knows for how long as we aren't putting them in it again this year. It was sad for me as they have both come so far. Natalie got another goal, great way to end the game. 
Grandma and Papa took us out to Chikfila afterwards where the real live cow mascot was hanging out. The older 2 thought it was radical. Courtney, who doesn't cry at much, bawled and was scratching at me as if to say "MOM! Get this crazy scary looking Cow thing away from me! He is gonna eat me!" I had visions of how Disneyland would go if we went there. haha 
Finally to the pool for some swimming with Friends. We all got a lot of sun, and I do love when it is hot enough for little tanned bodies to come back. I love when I put them in the bath at night see their little tan lines and a white white bum. They are picking up their last years swimming skills super fast again too. 
OHHHH I ALMOST FORGOT... THE BEST NEWS OF ALL. we sold our house! 3 weeks up on the market and we sold. I am soooooo happy! Keeping that house clean all the time with the 3 kids was impossible. And I felt like anything out of place or not swept or wiped would be the reason we lose a sale.


Sara said...

all the food looks/sounds divine. minus the bacon soda!

aidanjordan said...

Just looking at that picture made me gag again.

BrittanyB said...

Congrats on selling! Now where are you headed? Just hearing about that soda made me throw up a little bit in my mouth. Sick Beth, sick.

Alysha said...

congrats on selling the house. that's such a huge relief. i'm not looking forward to when we sell - trying to keep it clean with FIVE KIDS! ahh wish me luck
i can't believe there's a bacon pop. that sounds disgusting haha

Cichy's said...

Such a relief to have sold your house! Congrats! Sounds like a fun night, I love food! But i'll agree with everyone else, the bacon soda sounds NASTY!