Friday, June 1

Already another month?

We had a great Memorial Day. We started out with the kids out on the lawn and Natalie insisted on reciting the pledge of Allegiance (which I think I have now learned thanks to her) I think Boots thinks he is too cool to put his hand on his heart. 
We headed out to Breakfast at IHOP with some of our dear friends for their sad news that they are moving away from us (we will miss you Julie, Phil and girls :( )
It was definitely interesting explaining what memorial day is and the response and questions we were getting back from the kids. 
Then it was lunch with the Fam at Jasons Deli and some sweet pooling at the Greens. We love spending time with Family on Memorial day. We always make it such a fun day, I guess that is because we have such great family!
Sleeping is such a hassle around our house. I feel like we have worked SO hard to get our kids sleeping through the night and sleeping well and sleeping in their own room. Although we do have nights were they come in with nightmares, or wet beds, they are sooo good! I love peaking in on them every night and seeing all fun positions they are in and the toys they sleep with. Love them. 

Although this week was the first time we have actually waken our kids up for something in the middle of the night. There were a lot of storms this week at night, which is great, we always need the moisture. BUT, they are so stinking loud! The rain, wind, and hail just pound at your house! We usually don't do much of anything about these storms, especially Brian who is SO chill about storms. Anyway, one night I was woken up to Natalie crawling in bed with me. I thought she was just scared, so I snuggled on her a little until Brian walks in with Boots, Courtney, and Uncle Garrett(who had slept over that night) We all cram in the closet with some pillow and blankets. We could have gone back to sleep in there if it wasn't for our little comedian Courtney who just is silly always. She had the kids laughing so hard, there wasn't time to be scared of anything. 
So there were no tornadoes(tormato as boots calls them), but Brian just felt like it wasn't safe and that we should be in the closet just in case. Luckily it was only for a half an hour and we were all back in our own snug beds!
We went on a little family walk the other night, since we had to be out of the house for another showing. We walked in the 90 something heat over to our NEW HOUSE! The foundation is poured and we are ready for framing and I can NOT wait for the big move in day! It cant come fast enough! IT WAS HOT! As you can tell by Natalie's little red face and what you cant see (hear) in this picture is the excess amounts of whining and complaining about how hot it was and how tired she was. NEVER ENDING! 


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

The storms here in the south are unreal. We got hit this past week almost everyday with SERIOUS rain, wind, hail, and thunder/lightening. Thankfully, they have only happened during the day (when I'm running errands and don't wanna drive in that kind of scary weather!) and not at night so our sleep hasn't been interrupted. Um, Natalie's adoooorable pony tail!? She is a doll.

Cichy's said...

Natalie looks like a teenager in that last picture! Holy cow!