Wednesday, February 8

womp womp womp

I cant believe that it is already the middle of the week. This makes me so excited. I usually don't really care what day it is, or when the weekend comes because I like to think that we make every day fun. But for some reason, I cant wait for the weekend, regardless of the heavy schedule that is going on, I don't care. I am excited.
Brian has been out of town for the last week-ish and it has been a rough rough week. BAD week. however, through the horrible week (no joke, worst in my mothering history) I feel like all the tears that were shed and "moments" that me and the kids shared made me a little refreshed. Well refreshed ish. Lets just say that I am trying to figure some stuff out about myself as a mother but here are a few things that have been helping me this week...
I hate being WHITE as white in the winter. I got this a while back and love it. It REALLY does just give you a natural glow! I have no idea if it really makes a difference, or if anyone else can even tell, but I feel better and more "glowy" with it on. LOVE this!

Moroccan oil. AHHH! my dry dry hair has started to improve. Maybe it was the head and shoulders, maybe it was the olive oil I drenched my hair in one night, or maybe MAYBE it was this great stuff!! I love it. It smells yummy, and I think it is really helping my hair become silkier and smoother, and just rejuvenated. Love it.

And last but really FIRST, Pistachio nuts. They were salt and peppered nuts and they were sampled (stample as the kids call it) at Costco last week with the kids and we all fell in love. I mean of course I have had them before but these are AH MAAZ ING. I have been munching them and munching them day and night. BONUS, they are the lowest calorie nut. YEAH love that! If I cant eat low calorie anything else, I can at least get these. I just polished off the bag. I guess I will have to go back tomorrow for more. Can you say ADDICTING!

You know what is funny? My kids love forts right? When we build them they just cant wait to play and eat and do anything inside... for like 2 minutes. Seriously, I spend a long time making good ones for them, like yesterday I spent about 30 minutes turning the ENTIRE room into a fort, you know with fort rooms and all. Well 2 minutes later they were out whining about nothing to do. COME ON! I just built you the coolest fort ever! Speaking of forts, it reminds me of the episode of The Community when they all build a giant fort. haha If you don't watch that show, you should. Its so funny.

AND back to my nightly routine. Sit, Relax, drink Diet coke, (not eat pistachios since they are gone) and indulge in my shows.


Alysha said...

mmmm i love pistachios! might have to make a costco trip...
the short attention span drives me nuts too. there are very few things that will keep them occupied for longer than a few minutes. i just bought a couple bins and a few new toys for them that they're only allowed to play with on certain days. it's worked pretty good so far, but we'll see how long it lasts ;)

jayme said...

Hey, that is my nightly routine too! I need to try the pistachios, I am in love with some kettle corn I got there. :)

Proud Momma said...

Those pistachios rock! I can eat those all night long too!