Monday, February 13


I am loving the age that my kids are getting to. I feel like they GET IT. With Valentines Day tomorrow, I know it isn't a huge day or a big deal, but I am wanting to make it a fun day and a special day. The kids are pumped. They have no idea what tomorrow is and what it means, but I know Natalie went to bed giddy!

So tonight we dropped off some of the kids little Valentines to a few people and while we were out Boots was playing with a GLOW STICK in the back seat. Happy Happy Happy, singing singing singing, laughing laughing laughing... SCREAM! I look in the rear view mirror and I see blue splattered all over Boots' face and he is screaming holding his eyes.
I quickly pull over into Sonic and get him out. I am waiting for someone to come out and ask for a water, I am watching a woman next to me glare at me like I am beating my child. All I had was a wipe to wipe his face down... so I do. He seems to get better after about 5 minutes and we get back in and go on our rounds. I was concerned and call Poison Control. They told me that I have to get it cleaned out immediately. She kinda harped on me for using wipes, SORRY! thats all I had! Anyway, we were heading over to my cousins house and as soon as we arrived, we went in for a little 15 minutes shower for the kid. He was so good and brave and on we went! I am hoping he is ok. Man, that kid keeps me on my toes. Especially after watching him push an acorn up his nose on Sunday, sooooo far that it took me a while to get it out. haha I laughed so hard at that one.

We played around a bit tonight and off to bed. I love/hate bedtime. I love getting the in bed and having a few minutes alone, but I hate the process getting there. It all has to be timed just right and there is always unexpected things that come up and Boots has his numerous potty trips, Natalie whines and whines for more stories and books and really... JUST GO TO BED! But after it is accomplished, It is blisfull to sit alone and veg! Ahhh!

Tonight I first had to get the kitchen ready for a fun Valentines Breakfast. I just love those kiddos and want them to have fun all the time. I am thinking heart shaped Pankcakes, whip cream, berries and bananas, strawberry milk. It'll be great. They eat panc's like they are going out of style.

They were super excited to get their Valentines done and put together today. Boots insisted on Jelly Beans, so we came up with this. He had just a few people he wanted to give them to and was so excited to do it. After we bagged them up, he had one look and his response was "MOM! Thats not enough!" He thought the HUGE bulk bag of beans was what he was giving to each kid. haha If you cant see it the card says " You make my heart turn to Jelly, Bean my friend! Happy Valentines!"

Natalie is having her little "friendship party" at school tomorrow and these are what she wanted to do. OK fine, This is what I wanted to do. Enough candy already. I am so over it. So I wanted something fun and different. And of course pinterest was the perfect way to find something fun and EASY! The battle we had with these was having her write her name on each one. There were several temper tantrums, erasing, and tears...but we finally got them done.

Tomorrow is the big Love day and YES I love Valentines Day. I am a little selfish and love a day devoted to Love. Lets be serious, It kinda is all about the woman, sooo I love it. Brian has something planned and he is claiming that this will be the BEST date I will have ever been on EVER.... we will see! But really, Im so excited for not only the BEST date ever, but just a night out. I am in need, desperate need. I am hoping yummy dinner and the movie The Vow are involved.. I love me some Channing and really want to see it.

Ending on another funny story about Boots. He has memorized all of the apostles names and faces for church. So we quiz him every so often, and the other day I noticed that 3 were missing. So we go through them all and the conversation goes like this:

Mom "Oh, we are missing a few huh Boots?"

Boots "Ya... Anderson... and Utchdorf...and what else?"

Mom "Well, who is left boots? CHR...."

Boots "Christopherson!"

Hahaha I was laughing so hard that he rememebered the other ones who we were missing. Kuddos to him! Smart kid!


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Your son!!!!!! Oh my goodnessssssss!!!! He DOES keep you on you toes. Holy cow. Bu so precious about the apostles. Such a great idea, I need to do that with Brinley more often. She can pick out th prophet but probably no one else.

Natalie is such a sweetie.

You are the cutest mom. And I bedtime. I had to do bedtime 3 times last week by myself because ry was at the school and I was sooooo exhausted. Oh my gosh. Doing ALL of it by yourself is overwhelming!!!

Alysha said...

that's pretty awesome that he has the apostles memorized. that's impressive.
i love the valentines that you did. and pinterest too ;) i think i might have to copy you on the glow sticks. we're not allowed to send treats of any kind and they won't give us the names of the kids in the class. this school is sucking the fun out of everything!
you're such a good mom for doing all the valentines stuff. can i have some of your energy? ;)

BrittanyB said...

ugh, don't get your hopes up for the vow. Two hours of Channing Tatum is always enjoyable, but I hated the ending. Andi totally did the glow stick thing a couple years ago, while she was supposed to be sleeping. The fun part was it was all over her blankets and walls so when I walked in to see what the fuss was about it looked like some glow in the dark slasher movie.

jayme said...

I thinks Boots would fit in with my boys. I pulled a lego out of Dylan's nose the other day. :)