Wednesday, February 15


Since I have been having some hard times, Brian decided to treat me to a special Valentines Day Surprise. The best Brother in Law in the world came over to Babysit and we were on our way.

We had a STAY-CATION is what I would call it...

FIRST OF ALL, my CAMERA is dead and I cant find the charger, so the pictures are all stolen pictures online.

We headed to a place to eat in UP TOWN Dallas. It is called Fedora's and it was Italian. The atmosphere was awesome and the food was good, but the service was just OK.

Then we headed to a movie, The Vow, at a new theatre in Down Town Dallas. We both thought it was really good. Tears were shed and we left just kinda more in love than we were before. Does that sound silly? Yes, but the movie was really good. We approved. So at this point I wasn't really understanding why this was such a great surprise date...

Until, we drove down a ways to a very cool hotel. I have seen them around a few places here and have always wanted to stay in one. Khloe and Lamar (you know, Kardashian Lady) live in the apartments that this same company makes. ANYWAY, we walk in and you better believe we checked in to an ALOFT suite for the night. It was fun because it felt like we were somewhere out of town and it is not a hotel we would normally ever stay in. Really modern and trendy and of course a "loft" feel to the rooms. It was so fun.

I was really looking forward to sleeping in and having some relaxing sleep with no peepee interuptions. WRONG, I woke up at 7 with visions of Boots beside my bed asking me to go to the bathroom. Ug. But it was still relaxing to not have to worry.

Now I am a food girl. I love food SO much that it is probably not right. So Brian did some more research beforehand and found this little place Breadwinners Bakery. It was so cute and the middle had this room that was kind of like a greenhouse, outdoor patio, top of a roof top kind of feel. It was pouring rain outside and so it was loud, but it just added to the ambience. The food was AMAZING! It was by far the best breakfast I have ever ever had. It was a creamcheese raspberry stuffed frenchtoast with the thickest yummiest bacon and freshly squeezed OJ I have ever had, ever. Their desserts looked incredible, but I will have to go back for those on another day. I can say this FOR SURE... I will be going back there. Oh yes.

It was a fantastic date. I know that this will not happen every Valentines day, which is FINE with me! I just like that my husband is so sweet and compasionate to me, and can see when I need a little extra something. He is the most thoughtful man and he truly cares about my needs and my wants, and making me happy. I love him so much and cant imagine life without him. Watching that movie made us both realize the importance of journal writting and how we want to make sure our relationship is special every day.

Now back to real life. The house is a mess and needs a deep clean and we are needing to start getting boxes and packing up the house because... we are moving! Yeah!


Amanda said...

I love love love breadwinners!! One of my favorite restaurants. Where are ya moving to? How exciting! I plan on doing something similar for my husband for his birthday/valentines day next weekend because we have not been on a date in a year. Since we had foster kids no one else was allowed to watch them but now they are adopted we can go on dates. So I am going to get a hotel and have a night out all alone. What a great Valentine!

Wiseguys said...

I liked the Vow too! What a fun Valentine's Day! And moving?! So exciting!

Alysha said...

wait. what? you're moving? where?
what a wonderful hubby. sounds like a great v-day. that was so thoughtful

Melinda Palmer said...

I just went back and read tons of your posts and realized that I need you to move home and be my best friend again!! I miss you like crazy and I TOTALLY understand how you've been feeling lately. I feel like I'm going crazy and I need a friend! Michaels always talking about another baby and I can't handle to two I have. We need a girls day and we need to live near each other! I love you and miss you. You are amazing and your children are so lucky to have you!

emblair said...

No way?! So you found a place?? Can't wait to hear all about it! I'm so excited for you guys...but a little sad for myself.