Monday, February 20

Family what?

Whats up over here???

I guess the kids are really starting to notice when I have a bad day...We just had Family Home Evening tonight and we were talking about families(we watched our wedding video which the kids did not think that very fun). Brian was teaching and telling each child how much he loved them and then he told the kids how much he loved Mommy (me.) and Boots interupted him to say "But Mommy gets mean when I act Silly." HELLO?! Eye opener! I know that I get frusterated with them, and I know they notice, but they have never said it out loud like that. It makes me sad that they can say that about me... but I am working on that! Everyone gets frusterated I know, and in my defense... today was a bad day for all of us!

Before that, the Missionaries were over for Dinner and they asked Boots where he was going to go on a mission. His response was "The Candy Store". Good answer right? 2 years in a candy store, Of course he would be down with that. Maybe we should talk a little bit more about what a mission is.
Natalie had an exciting week. She lost her second tooth. We were playing around together and Courtney head butted her in the face. Natalie was kinda shocked and her mouth was all bloody. She ran into the bathroom and I convinced her to pull it the rest of the way out. Her eyes were all watery, but she was so brave and totally pulled it out! She drew a beautiful picture for the tooth fairy, which she thinks is a MUST to go along with the tooth. You cant just leave a tooth!
I tooth Natalie out on a date the next night, she wanted chips and cheese so we went and got some Mexican and then to the dollar store to spend her tooth fairy money. It is so funny how much a dollar means to these littles. It is JACKPOT! She cant resist spending it, but she wants soo badly to save up for a kite from Costco. She just can stand to keep the money around, when she knows she can go spend it right then!
We then went for Frozen Yogart and then onto the movie "The Muppets" which was really cute. Im so glad that we can have special nights with the kids to make them each feel special with us. Also, speaking of teeth, I noticed that she is getting in 2 molars in the back. I DID not know that they still had teeth to get in at this age. I should have known that right? haha

I am watching a 6 hour Tribute to Whitney Houston right now and I am enjoying it so much. I love her talent and her music so much. It mostly just brings me back, way back. Ah, I love when musical artists come along that are just so talented. I know some will think I am crazy to make this connection here.. but I was thinking about someone that I think is very talented and will go down as one of the most, well just popular ever. Justin Bieber. I mean he has got moms down to babies hooked, and in our family even the Dad. We all love him. I dont know if there are many other songs out there that EVERYONE who lives in the USA knows - BABY. Come on? Right? Courtney requests "Baby oh!". Seriously, I know I am saying WH and JB are in the same bracket, Im not. But just wanted to state that he is just so radical and I love him.

Also, I am a reality TV girl. I dont watch a ton but what I do, I love. Bachelor? Come on Dude. Do you really choose Courtney? So disapointing. What a dumby. I love him, at least did. I thought he was cute and so sweet, and REAL. But now? I am losing interest in him, and in the show. BOOO ABC BOOOOO!
I have started watching a new show though that I am loving, ONCE APON A TIME. It looked scary before it aired, but it is really good! I am slightly addicted to catching up. Luckily I wont be waisting much time on it since it is still in the first season.
I have been considering Downton Abbey. YES? NO? I cant decide.

So thats me and my life in a nutshell. I listen to kids bicker at eachother and laugh hysterically all day long, then at night I sit my booty in front of the TV and watch. It is my outlet. I love it.

I will add one more category tonight... RE RE RE DEDICATING TO WORKING OUT:
I have started SO many times this year to be good and work out consistantly and most days of the week. Some weeks have been great, others not so much. Same with my eating. It is up and down and I feel like I restart weekly. SO today is monday. Eating was great today, and lots of water.. so tonight instead of turning on the Bach, or catching up on my many recorded shows.. I am off for a run! I saw this funny quote the other day "It doesn't matter how slow I am going, I am still lapping everyone on the couch!"


jayme said...

I just downloaded Downton Abby on my I pad. Now if I could only find time to watch it. :) Anyway, I love Boot's answer. Sounds good to me!

aidanjordan said...

Boots looks so old on that picture! And I can't believe Natalie lost her second tooth! I am so not ready for that. Also, you are my exercise inspiration. If only I could be half as good as you!

BrittanyB said...

Big Yes on Downton Abbey, but I'll warn you it is a bit of an addiction. I just finished season two and am counting down till September when season 3 starts.