Sunday, February 26

Family fun movie night

My camera Is dead, I can't find my charger.
My other camera...the lens shattered and all I have is my zoom lens. My house is too small to use that anywhere!
My video camera plugs into the computer, which is slower than...slow.

So there will be no backup pictures to this.

We had family movie night this week. We decided to do Peter Pan.
I made glitter stars and clouds and hung them with fishing wire all over the house so it looked like we were in the night sky.(you know, second star to the right and straight on till morning) We looked for our shadows, and after being frustrated, found them of course. We got pixie dust and flew through the sky, found treasure (chocolate coins and pixie stix) ate sword shaped pancakes, and ate mermaid lagoon jello! The kids loved it, and if we are being honest so did I. I love movie night, no matter the movie.

Today the kids started their soccer games back up again.
Last season, we worked so hard and didn't get much out of it. Today Natalie scored 2 goals! And boots scored 1! It was so exciting and they got to go get slurpees after the game. I love to see them happy and proud of their accomplishments!
We rearranged and sorted through more house stuff today and now...
I'm exhausted.


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