Thursday, September 29

Oh ya

Remember that last post when I talked all about Laundry? It again has taken over my living room. It is thursday, and Monday are my laundry days. So with 7 loads to fold sitting on my floor... I tend to lose my kids sometimes. Ill will claim that I am taking the time to spend good quality time with my kids instead of folding. Ya that sounds good!

So we like to park, and we like to ride bikes, and we like to just play out side. I dont like the ice cream man, playing his little jigs so loud for the kids to hear. I wouldn't mind it so much if it wasn't 2.50 for a little popsicle. MAN! That is expensive for an ice cream! That is borderline, they wont even have that kind of money in their piggy banks! But it is hard to resist when they love it so much!

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emblair said...

That is a LOT of laundry! And you're nicer than we are...we tell Molly the ice cream truck plays music when it's out of ice cream. So terrible, I know.