Sunday, September 4


Let me introduce you to Super Sleeper. He's the goofy one on the left.
Lets go back a few hours to church today. Courtney was a pill. She woke up poopy and on the wrong side of the bed. So church was really.... well lets just say I should have stayed home because I would have gotten more edification out of that. I was roaming the halls with a crying pouting, snotty, fussy, puking baby for 3 hours. YEAH! I'm not complaining, cause that is motherhood, but still, it stunk. So when we got home Brian was so sweet to me "Jeni, why don't you just lay down and have a nap!"
I never ever ever nap, so this was strange. But I decided to give it a shot and quickly fell sleep. I woke up suddenly a little while later to Natalie and Boots crawling up on me with sticky fingers, juice, and a laugh attack. As I woke up I hear Courtney crying in the back coming from her room. I wait... it continues... I wait "BRIAN?!" nothing. "Natalie where is daddy?" She goes on to tell me that he is laying down having a nap. THIS is why I don't nap people. Because even though Brian is a fabulous father, and I would trust him with my kids and 10 more of other peoples, when he wants a nap he doesn't wake up to anything. UG!! I was really annoyed! Why can't a girl just take a nap once in a while without the house falling into shambles?

So this last week was full of action around here. The kids both started up soccer, and they both LOVE it. They had a lot of fun at their 105 degree practices and although Brian doesn't think either of them are naturals (after a 3 and 4 year olds practice) I think they will do great and have so much fun.
Before Natalie's practice, we tried something totally new with her hair and it worked! We were both giddy about it. FRENCH BRAIDS! Crazy that it is long enough for it, but doesn't it look sweet?

Yesterday we had all sorts of Cousins and friends over to the pool. Brian and his brothers, and their buddies from high school days, are all still really close and we all got together at our pool for the afternoon. The kids had a blast together, as always, and they all got worn out so we could all go out SANS kids that night.

So this week is just another week of craziness for me. Just the usual mommy, house, kid stuff.. but then I feel like I have a million things to do for my calling and then there are another million birthdays coming up (including mine!!! I love my birthday!) so I just am feeling overwhelmed. I don't know what I am going to do when there is actual school and after school and homework involved in our life!


Meagan said...

That is hilarious about Brian napping!!! oh my gosh I would diiiiiie. I don't know what it will be like with multiple children in our family, but Ryan can fall asleep SO quickly. I'll make sure he understands this is a no no when we have 3 busy kiddies!

CUTE HAIR NAT!!!!!! I loooove kid soccer. Oh my gosh! This makes me SO excited for Brinley. I know she is going to love playing soccer.

Alysha said...

her braids look soooo cute!! hahhaa you gotta love boys. they mean well, but..... hahha

Lynne said...

That picture of you reminds me of you in high school. Must be the long hair.

Proud Momma said...

as I'm reading this I have the exact same shirt on! right? I also don't nap for the exact same reason!

Wiseguys said...

1) CUTE braids!

2) Yay for soccer! Madi is playing this fall, it's the best!

3) Yay for birthday month. I love that we have the same birthday month! It's cause we're so cool....

4) sorry we missed you guys last weekend. We need to get together soon....