Friday, September 9

Hot Dates

This week has BLOWN By so fast! Seriously, I feel like I just blogged and here I am almost a week later. WOW! When you think of your life in regards to blog, you know you have a problem.

Anyway, tonight we decided to do girls and boys nights out. Both kids fell asleep on the way to their dates! Natalie and I went for fondue. Yum to me, EH for Natalie. Don't worry, I licked her cheese clean. I love cheese fondue. Next we headed to Kung Foo Panda 2. It was real cute. I mean, I cried, i laughed, I smiled, I was a little scared. It was really good. The best was spending the night with my girl. Love ya Nanners.

Boots and Daddy went to cheesecake factory were they shared nachos and fries, then onto see Winnie the Pooh. Boots had a lot of fun, so Brian said. Love those kiddos.

So another hot date was the night before. WE live in the coolest, most interesting place ever. There is so much to do, and so many different things to do. So we went with Justin and Andrea(and New York life- who they work for) to TOP GOLF for the evening. Top Golf if straight out of a movie. It was so much fun. It is like a mix of bowling and darts, but with golf. So each golf ball has a sensor, and you hit the ball out and try to get it in the target nets out on the range. It was so much fun! I would for sure do it again!

One of Courtney's favorite places to play is my least favorite place in the whole house. The tupperware cupboard. UG! I have no idea what to do in here. I know... I will buy a new house. seriously, I hate this cupboard. So tomorrow is packed with first soccer games, Brian's throwing a work party, and Stake youth act ivies...I am so tired just thinking about waking up in the morning. Looking forward to Monday when we can celebrate sweet Courtney's first birthday!

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Meagan M said...

Fun week!! I love cheese fondue too...and no one ever wants to do it with me. I LOVE your Tupperware cupboard it looks just like mine. I need help!!