Thursday, September 15

Birthday Week

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK! I love September. The weather starts getting cooler in most of the Country... obviously not here, but everywhere else they seem to be enjoying fall. Hi 107 degrees still! Uck! So not only the fall perks, but it is My, Courtney, and many other birthdays!

Monday the baby girl turned 1! I cant believe that the year is gone and has flown by so fast. She is such a joy to have in our home. Always happy, always making us laugh, and always getting into everything. She really is the perfect child(other than her screaming fit yesterday, it's like she knows she is one and can start throwing tantrums). Anyway, the little one who started her life 9lbs4oz is still a healthy 22 lbs and LOVES to eat. She crawls everywhere and gets into all cupboards. When she See's my bedroom door open, she hawls in and gets right into the bathroom cupboard. She has 7, almost 8 teeth and can say mama, dada, hi, ohhhh, ahhhh, ewww, baba(whatever that is) and LOVES to talk. She can wave, blow kisses, clap, and Loves her blanky(I wouldn't expect anything else out of my kids). We love her and she is a perfect addition to the family.

We got to get together with our friend Matt and his little guy Cade the other day which was so fun to see Stephen and him together. Boots kept talking about his best friend Cade. I always just feel bad for boots cause Natalie has a lot of friends to talk about and Boots doesn't have a lot of boys his age around so he loved that! He is just so silly though. Natalie and I were working out(ya, she likes to do it with me) and boots ran in crazily in her gymnastics leotard. We were cracking up bad! He is hilarious. Its like he knows he funny too. BTW, Gymnastics, that's another story.

On Tuesday it was Garretts birthday. The big 22!! Love this guy. He has always had a special place in my heart as my little brother and I love him tons! Happy Birthday Gar!! We celebrated at Uncle Julio's with some great Mexican! No other way to celebrate really!

Soo, there will be more updates later but for now Happy Birthday WEEK!!


Alysha said...

happy birthday week. I want a birthday week hahaha
mmmm Mexican... sounds soo good. I need to NOT read your blog around dinner time hahah.
Happy birthday Courtney! love the zebra theme

jayme said...

Happy Birthday Jeni!! Oh and happy birthday to Courtney, she is such a cutie!

aidanjordan said...

Happy Birthday to everybody! Love Court's outfit....and the banner...and the cake! So cute!

I love Boots so much. He is so cute in nursery. The first Sunday I was in there I told the kids the water was magical and that every time you take a sip it makes you smile. So now every Sunday as soon as they get their water, the first thing Boots does is take a sip and say, "Aidan...I'm SMILING!"

Emily S said...

Oh my goodness I don't know how you survive that heat...especially coming from a place like Calgary!
It's been awhile, I cannot believe how much your kid lets have grown. Happy Birthday to all :)