Saturday, October 8

Rainbow Madness

My little chunk. I love this girl so much!! She has had Croup this last week but she still has big smiles all the time, and hasn't lost her appetite at all! She eats all day long and Loves her some milk to top it off. She is also getting in all of her molars, I was surprised to feel those coming since she has been such a great baby! She enjoyed the festivities today, and some cake... we had Natalie's birthday Party for some of her little friends.
She insisted on rainbows this year, and I was on board since it was going to be a budget party. If you remember last years Fancy Nancy party, we went all out. I scaled back this year but it was so fun to get creative. We made all the decorations from construction paper! We played some "what time is it Mr. Wolf"(Natalie's favorite) duckduck goose, red rover, and pin the Cloud on the rainbow. We did made some tissue paper rainbows and made some fruitloop necklaces, and I tried my hand at the fancy rainbow cake of many colors. I don't know if Natalie or I have more fun at her Birthdays! Loved this theme this year, so many easy colors!

So for YEARS Natalie has been obsessed with Lion King. 2 years ago when we went to Disney World she got her first Simba doll, and she has since learned all the music and LOVES Lion King. We have been waiting and waiting for it to come out and finally it came out in perfect timing with her birthday. That is what we gave her for her Birthday and we watched it tonight for a little movie night. It was so cute to sit there and watch with the kids. Boots gave me comments like "Ah, they are fighting. They don't have guns though. I have guns, and I can shoot Lions." Natalie was more emotional. Her emotions go from So excited and happy to so sad and back and forth. She is such a sweet emotional little girl. Her birthday is next Saturday and I love a birthday week so I am sure we will be in for some fun this week!!

I just have to add in a little soccer note. The kids have been loving soccer. They practice once a week and then play on Saturdays. Brian and I haven't been able to see both kids yet as the games are at the same time, Brian has to assistant coach Boots' team, and I go with Natalie. Boots has successfully been silly and had a lot of fun with his team. I'm glad it isn't competitive or serious for him yet. He loves it. Natalie's team is actually pretty competitive and she has taken a while to "get it". She is just starting to though, and this week she did pretty good. She was able to turn the ball around to go the right way and actually kicked it a few times. She was working on her Defense too and stood in a goal for a bit! I am so proud of her progress over a few short weeks. Hopefully in the next few weeks we can watch the other kid and cheer for each other!


aidanjordan said...

Such a cute party today! Everything turned out so great! Happy Birthday, Natalie!

Kelly said...

awesome party...maybe I can convince one of the girls to have this theme and then use all of your great ideas! that cakes looks awesome too!

The JL McGregor Family said...

Looks fun and I love the paper wall--what a great idea!