Monday, June 6

Anti tooth

We headed down to Houston last weekend for another visit to the dentist for my tooth...aka another root canal. The good news is that we may be done! HOORAY! The other good news about those trips, we get to see good friends every time we go!

Other than a trip to the endodontist, we beached it, went to a water park, had some fogo de chao, and of course we topped it off with our ER trip with Boots.

So there was a water slide the kids all loved and they went down dozens of times. This time around, they let Natalie go with Maria down and it was all fun and laughter until Natalie went under in the water. She isn't super familiar with going under(because she is a water wuss) and when she came up she threw up. It was sick since all she had eaten was a Slurpee and licorice. It looked like blood. But after a quick rinse of the mouth she was happy and playing again.

After coming back into Dallas on Memorial Day we went to families house for a pool party and it is never complete without a basketball game with the brothers.

I found a new blog called the Tidy mom. It gave the best tips on keeping a clean and tidy house. I feel so overwhelmed when the simple things aren't done so I am going to do everything I can to keep the simple things like laundry and picking up under control. I mean, who doesn't feel better when their house is organized? Its just finding the time for everything else when I am trying to keep my house tidy. I have a million projects and fun things to do and just cant get to them.

Another fun blog is Oh Happy Day. She is having an amazing giveaway right now of a trip to Paris! One of my most favorite places in the whole world!!


Meagan said...

Your son is SUCH a WILD MAN!!!!!!!!!!! Are all boys like that because I am terrified to have boys!!!

I love that family picture on the beach! So adorable! Those are great blog links. I definitely need help with getting the basics done. I get SO exhausted at the end of the day and instead of doing productive things or crafts, I just slob on the couch and watch trash tv. still great....and semi productive keeping up with my tv relationships, but STILL! I have fabric calling my name and no energy to sew!!!!

Meagan Cooper said...

I love your cute swimsuit, it's adorable, great family pic on the beach!!! And I will also have to check out the tidy mom's blog, I need all the help I can get in that department...