Sunday, June 19

Daddys Day

We started today off with breakfast in bed. I am only a little irritated about this though because 1) I didn't get breakfast in bed on Mothers day and 2)I hate crumbs in my bed. But cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, berries, cheese puffs, and Gatorade was the choice of the kids. Good breaky, all of his favorite things!

My kids are just about the luckiest kids in the world though, whether they know it or not. They have the best dad on this earth. He has the kindest and most gentle demeanor with them and there is no doubt in their heads that their Daddy loves them. He is amazing. Thanks for being such a great example to our kids and to me of what a parent should be. Yesterday we ventured out in 111 degrees to a little league game and it was soooo unbelievabley hot. Courtney did not like it at all! I am not so sure how this summer is going to go, but so far it is HOT!!!

I have wonderful men in my life all over the place. I know great Fathers and have great Fathers. My Father in Law is great and has raised 4 amazing sons.

And Last, but certainly not least, is to my Daddy. I love him more than he will ever know. He is amazing and wonderful in every way possible. I love you Papa bear.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Men in my life!

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Lynne said...

Courtney looks so hot and miserable!! She'll enjoy Canada!