Friday, June 17

clip clip

Last week we finally decided to give Natalie an even up trim and she did so good. It was only a little hair taken off but it made a huge difference to how it looks. Thanks Kathleen.

We had a lunch date with the Ladies yesterday. Every time we get the 3 Rawlins babies together we remember how awesome it is to have babies the same age! Hopefully they like it just as much! It was a chick-fil-a conference.

So I keep little journals for the kids and I had been pretty good at Natalie's until boots was born, then Boots' I was late on getting it. Last night I pulled them out and found that I had only done one entry in Stephens, and Courtney hadn't even had an entry yet. I always write a few pages so this can take a long time with 3 kids. I fell sleep while trying to write in Stephens, so that will have to take me a while today. Journaling is hard to keep up on when you aren't in the habit. I really think it is important though, especially since I have a memory like I do (BAD).

So we have been pooling it every day and I am so proud of the kids. Stephen is much more free than Natalie is and was but she is doing great too. Yesterday she took the huge leap of swimming by herself in the big pool. She usually screams at me until she cries but after hours and hours of convincing, she finally did it! She can do it in the kiddie pool without touching the bottom but for some reason the deep pool scared her. I told her that if she can jump in, sans floaty, and swim to the edge that I would take her out on a date for ice cream.

Stephen jumped into the pool and swam to me yesterday. I totally tricked him and it scared the littles out of him, but he did it!

All three of them are browning up like they are in an oven. They have passed me up on tanned and are just so cute all browned up!

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