Thursday, June 9


I cant believe how fast 9 months go. Courtney is there and she is crawling and "talking" and just growing up so fast. I actually had the thought today that I wanted another baby. THAT is crazy talk, because IF that ever happens it wont be for a long time. But she is just so dang cute it is hard to resist!! She officially says "mama" and the occasional "dada" will come out, but I am pretty sure it is on accident!

I was sweating a lot today. This is half because of the heat and half because of my stress level when I am out with 3 kids under 4. I went to Target, sweat. I have to say, trying to keep 3 kids quiet in the target bathroom while taking us all potty, keeping hands clean and stopping them from touching everything and boots from licking everything he sees is hard. Lets just say Bathroom floor, Bathroom sink, or lollipop... there is no difference to this kid. Then as I finally take my turn to quickly empty the bladder after taking care of the kids, its always fun when Boots opens the door to the store as I am squatting there. Nice. Thanks Boots. Then it was off to Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby where there was equally as much sweat. Why do I take them out when I actually have things to buy? WHY?! (ps. why are little boys ALWAYS touching themselves? Like always? and how do you stop that?!)

So we have started doing charts in our house. These first charts were for bicycles. My kids don't know how to ride a bike and with Natalie being almost 5, it is well overdue. So with Natalie and Court being in the same room, we had some problems in the mornings with Natalie being so excited to see her and play that she woke her up, or would give her toys, or get in her crib. It is really sweet and cute because Courtney loves her so much, but it sucks when I know that she would have slept longer.

Boots on the other hand had a hard time staying in his room at night. He would come out time after time all through the night and it was tiring. So we got a lock and it fixed it fast.(by the way he has a loft bed which is about 6 feet off the ground and he totally fell off the top the other night half asleep while trying to climb down. I walked in to a crying little heep on the floor. It broke my heart. I want to sell that thing so bad!! word of advise, DONT buy a loft bed for a 3 year old!)

and ALAS Stephen and Natalie's charts... and their rewards!

Phase 2, learn to ride them!

So a big perk to having a hair dresser in the family is that we get in on the hot new trends. This week I got a feather. They are feather extensions and I love it! The best part? Natalie got one too! She got a pink one and purple zebra striped one. She also got her first trim and she looks sooo rocker chic! I love it. Pictures of her hair are to come!

Earlier this morning I took Natalie to her dress rehearsal for dance. They don't let you take pictures on the day of, or video, so today was my day. She is sooooo cute and did such a great job.

I am so proud of her. I thought she would tense up on stage but she did excellent. She danced it all and was perfect. She did not smile at all though and was very serious about it all day. She is not a shy girl to me and is just a happy little chatterbox most of the time, but for some reason she has been closed off and serious all day. I think she is in the recital mind set! The video wouldn't post, so I will try it later. One of Natalie's little besties goes to the same dance studio. They did such a cute little number too! I love watching these little girls perform! It is so sweet.

Lastly, as if this isn't long enough, our washing machine has been out for almost 2 weeks now and it is such a pain. I have been to a few peoples house doing laundry and I hate that. I don't like to feel like I have to rely on others but honestly, my laundry baskets are running over. Its like there has been more laundry just because the machine is broken! Luckily Saturday is the big fix day. I will give a huge sigh of relief!

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