Tuesday, May 31

what else??

a few hours ago I walked into the kitchen and stepped right into a half an inch of water. WHAT? The washing machine was leaking and had flooded the kitchen and laundry room. It took me a good 2, maybe more, hours to clean it up.
Earlier today Brian got a flat tire on the way home from work and had to change it in his suit. The jack wasn't working so he called me to bring him another and of course I didn't see he called. So he had a rough long day and then I get to deal with that.
AHHHH!!! I feel like it never stops!!

Last weekend for Memorial Day weekend we headed to Houston for a dental apt and to see some friends. More Pictures and details of that to come.
BUT While we were there something happened, obviously. With boots something always has to happen. Sunday we were just sitting down to a delish meal when boots started running around the house, like a crazy man. All of a sudden we see him run towards the door and SMASH....The window pane on the door breaks. My first reaction was anger and WHY?! Why are you running around so much?! This quickly changed as I discovered he was all cut up and bleeding all over. Brian rushed him over to the ER just to make sure there was no glass or that an artery wasn't busted or anything. He was all cleaned up and sent home bandaged up. BOOTS YOU KILL ME KIDDO!!

I love a sleeping baby. I also love a sleeping son, there just seems to be a lot more peace when Stephen is asleep. There is a part of me that gets sad when Courtney sleeps though. I get really excited when she wakes up, and yes, I spy on her all the time! Love this girl.

He can fall asleep anywhere. If 3pm hits and he is somewhere not running, he is asleep. Like today in the grocery cart. It was awesome. It made grocery shopping super easy without worrying about another little running around, but also made it very very crowded in the cart!

I have a lot of pictures and updates from the weekend but this is all I had in me tonight!! LOVE THESE 3 CRAZIES!


aidanjordan said...

Jeremy and I have a saying, "Because it's us". Stupid, crazy things happen to us all the time...because it's us. So don't feel bad. Hopefully all your drama came in the past few days and you won't have any more for a while!

Meagan said...

That boy is a riot!!!!!!!!!!

Alysha said...

holy smokes he really can sleep anywhere!! that's amazing!
So sorry to hear about his hand. Hope it heals quickly.

BrittanyB said...

Poor Boots! Glad there was no serious damage. Bu I'm totally Jealous that he will fall asleep anywhere!

Wiseguys said...

I wish my kids would sleep like that. They are great sleepers as long as they are in bed, but NONE of them does well "on the go".

jayme said...

Totally sounds like Dylan to me! Glad your cute boy is ok.