Tuesday, June 14


I went into Natalie's room today and saw her dresser covered in trinkets, shoes, flowers, cards and many more things. I said "Nan, stop hoarding! Put your things away where they go!" She turned to me and asked whats hoarding. I told her it is when you keep everything and don't put it away or throw it away. She looked at me and very sternly told me "Im not hoarding mom, I am making collections!"

So on Sunday we had a FIESTA for family and friends. It was our month for our monthly rawlins dinner and get together and we decided to invite a few more. We had about 50 ppl in our tiny house. The air was turned down to 58 and it was still 80 degrees in our house! It was really fun though. Gotta love a Mexican feast with everyone we love! We even had the cake with EVERY ONE'S name on it and a pinata that got beat down in the family room. haha I know we couldn't invite everyone, but I promise we will have another! I think this was our max, so we will hit you next time!

Natalie's Dance recital was on Saturday night and she did fabulous! She was spoiled to have so much family come and support her and the gifts and flowers afterward were awesome! She did so good, she didn't miss a beat! I wish I could have recorded that night! But we are so proud of her!! She did say afterwards that she wants a break from Dance. I hope that doesn't last because she was so stinking cute!


aidanjordan said...

Way to go, Nat!

Alysha Sladek said...

k there are a LOT of names on that cake hahah
My girls are "collectors" too. Drives me insane!!! Glad to know they're not the only ones haha
did you video the dance? I'd love to see it!

abby and paxton said...

The fiesta was fun! I can't believe it was set at 58 degrees, yet it was still 80!
I'm sure Nat was so cute at her dance recital. Tell me about her next one, I wanna go.

hillary work said...

ahh jeni! your kids are so cute