Sunday, April 3


The days have been flying by. I don't have time to do much of anything "fun" for myself. The old me found the time, but instead I would miss out on fun time with the kids. I played a full hour of Barbies tonight. I was Jasmine, Natalie was Rapunzel, and Boots was Pocahontas (who was a mans voice named Garrett and he killed bugs) It was a lot of fun! Then we took out Fancy Nancy Parfait game and played countless rounds... me and boots kept dominating! So we had a wonderful weekend of course. I love Conference weekends when we get hours and hours of spiritual edification. This weekend was no different, except that even little Natalie got something out of it. The kids were able to make it through a bit of this morning playing bingo for words. Boots made it through a talk and a half, and Nat made it an hour and a half! I will give Boots some credit though, he got excited about almost every word he heard. "Jerusalem!" "Holy ghost!" "temple!" He was shouting them from the playroom when he would hear them said!
Nat wanted to sport boots' jammies tonight (sorry I mean Steve, that is what he has been wanting to be called!) Then we had some friends over for a crepe buffet... it was SOOO GOOD!

I have been begging and begging Brian since we moved in, 5 years ago, to do something to the nasty lawn. Finally on Saturday he went out and mowed, aerated(sp?) the lawn, and then seeded. I cant wait for some new green lush grass to grown in! And he finally put to use his aeration shoes I gave him for a gift years ago!

So I love sleeping kids. There is not much sweeter than the moment you tippy toe into their rooms after they are all asleep and see them so sweet. All wrapped up in blankets, toys in hand, blankets over faces, all over the bed.. and in Natalie's case, diva-licious.

Also last week we had a chance to go the womens elite 9 NCAA game here in town. It was awesome in the box again, and we got to tour the Mavs locker room... again. Seriously we have gotten some radical perks this year! It was fun to take the train in again and have a night out with hubs. I love that man!

So onto another week of busy busy, and my last week of training before the big race on Saturday, I am super excited. ANY TIPS from other half marathon runners out there? I need anything I can get!


Lynne said...

Love the pictures!! and the stories too...So Boots is now Steve??? I'm still laughing!! Who would have thought that he would of liked that better than Stephen!! haha Love you guys!!

Lynne said...

By the way, you are looking great!!

Alysha said...

I'm impressed with how long your kids lasted. Wish I could say the same for mine... One day... one day ;)
That crepe buffet looks SO good. It's making me hungry haha

jayme said...

Your kids lasted a good hour and 15 mins longer then mine :) Good luck this weekend!

Meagan said...

Fun weekend!!! I always looked forward to visiting my cousins in Phoenix because I always played barbies with my two very much younger girl cousins, Mimi and Hayley. I played barbies with them until I was like...15 and really REALLY loved it :-) Brinley's too young for Barbies, but I'm excited!!!

Isn't watching conference with kids near impossible?? I can't imagine it with 3 kids!!! Brinley was her CRAZIEST. Of course during the most tender talks...mood buster!!! lol hard to be upset when they are jsut SO cute.

Why doesn't Jill visit you more?????? I'd visit you all the time, Jeni!!!! :-)

Proud Momma said...

Awesome Jeni...I'm jealous about your basketball games! I have matching purse!